Rick Antle, PhD

Principal, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Rick is a co-founder of RJA. As the CCO and CFO, his responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of compliance, accounting and administration.

Rick has over 30 years of experience in consulting and accounting research. He has been a consultant to major accounting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Arthur Andersen and Deloitte & Touche, as well as to companies such as Reuters, General Motors Corporation, Monsanto, Chase-Manhattan Bank and the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

Rick’s consulting engagements have focused on his expertise in the valuation of financial assets, employee compensation, and accounting and auditing standards. He served as a director of LECG, Inc., an economic consulting services firm, and was an affiliate of the company from 1994-1998.

Rick’s widely published work has focused on managerial compensation and performance evaluation, corporate governance issues, and accounting rules for revenue recognition. He is a co-author of Financial Accounting, a textbook widely used in undergraduate courses, executive programs, and MBA accounting courses. He is a member of the American Accounting Association and the Econometric Society.

Rick serves on the editorial boards of Review of Accounting Studies, British Accounting Review and the Journal of Business, Finance & Accounting. He graduated from Oklahoma State University, and earned his Ph.D. in Business from Stanford University. Rick is the William S. Beinecke Professor of Accounting at the Yale School of Management.

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Rick Antle